About us

We are committed to protecting and regaining health.

“Illness does not pick out tools, but we do.”

Mária Bőhm – natural healer, narcologist, ear acupuncture addictologist

“Health is a donation we sometimes lose but always would like to get back.”

János Kavalkó – natural healer, bioenergist, fitotherapist, orgon developer

The basis of the orgon systems developed by us is formed by tuned crystals. In fact, the word “orgon” means concentrated life energy which is suitable to substitute energy loss in the organism and enhance self-therapy.

The orgon system can be used as a monotherapy or combined with traditional and alternative methods.

We use two types of mono-therapeutic methods: primarily and based on patients’ complaints we carry out local activation which is completed by the harmonization of the patient’s vibration pattern.

As the result of our 20-year long research work we use our water activator product family based on orgon energy to change the structure of tap water with tuned crystals into Orgon water which is much more suitable for the human organism.

Using the gathered experience we continuously improve improve and modernize the Orgon products developed by us.